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Human Resources Management
Online Exam 1
1. The HRM unit is considered to be:
2. There is now evidence that an increase in the use of “people first” practices results in all of the following EXCEPT:
3. Generation Y members are also called:
4. To prepare for Generation Y employees, managers should consider providing more __________ praise.
5. Organizational inefficiencies result in all of the following EXCEPT:
6. A well-formulated HRM strategy will help aggregate and allocate a firm's resources into a unique entity on the basis of all of the following EXCEPT:
7. Samsung believes that __________ is/are the future of the company.
8. The letters in ARDM stand for:
9. Which of the following is a cost associated with labor?
10. Which of the following occupations is expected to have the fastest employment growth from 2002 to 2012?
11. Which of the following is considered a fully developed nation?
12. A __________ indicates what an organization's key executives hope to accomplish in the long run.
13. Workers who plan, decide, and solve problems using databases, computer programs, and other technology-driven information sources are called:
14. The degree of wholeness in a job, which is the feeling of completing a whole job as opposed to contributing to only a portion of a job, is its:
15. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of an effective group?
16. All of the following are levels of strategy generally applied to HRM activities EXCEPT:
17. Which of the following would be considered an operational (short term) HR activity?
18. Which of the following is the result of genetic factors and is rarely subject to change through training?
19. People are motivated by powerful emotional forces, and work provides an opportunity for the expression of both __________ and pleasure-seeking drives.
20. __________ is the set of attitudes that predisposes a person to act in a specific goal-directed way.

Online Exam 2
1. If a plaintiff proves that a disparate impact exists, an organization may then defend its employment by showing validation or:
2. All of the following are examples of protected opposition EXCEPT:
3. Protected __________ activities include “filing a charge, testifying, assisting, or participating in any manner in an investigation, proceeding, or hearing.”
4. Generally, an employer may fulfill its duty to prevent or remedy hostile work environment harassment by doing all of the following EXCEPT:
5. The bulk of Arab-American and Muslim discrimination charges are based on:
6. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 protects individuals who are __________ of age and older from employment discrimination based on their age.
7. Which of the following is exempt from the Americans with Disabilities Act?
8. Any person has _____ days from the occurrence of a discriminatory act to file a charge with the EEOC.
9. The OFCCP issued Revised Order No. 4, which suggests the format and parts of an Affirmative Action Plan. What do they suggest as the first step in that plan?
10. Which of the following was identified as a problem by the highest percentage of international corporations?
11. Maquiladoras are primarily owned by all of the following EXCEPT:
12. In __________ corporations, the concepts of codetermination and worker councils are common.
13. According to Hefstede, cultures differ in at least five dimensions. Which of the following is NOT one of those dimensions?
14. Virtually every executive-level position in Japanese-owned businesses in the U.S. is occupied by a(n):
15. Expatriate manager selection should focus on all of the following EXCEPT:
16. What is the single most common factor in expatriates' failure?
17. Which of the following is NOT one of the phases of culture shock?
18. Many attribute the lower percentage of women among U.S. expatriates to biased selection practices. This bias is influenced by all the following EXCEPT:
19. The process of being reintegrated into domestic operations is referred to as:
20. __________ cultures are more likely to have rigid managerial control systems in their organizations.

Online Exam 4
1. All of the following are categories of information typically used to make hiring selection decisions EXCEPT:
2. All of the following are Big Five personality factors EXCEPT:
3. An HR specialist should be familiar with all of the following types of validity EXCEPT:
4. Which of the following is a potential problem associated with the use of concurrent validation?
5. All of the following are errors that can occur in the employment interview EXCEPT:
6. A job sample performance test requires that the applicant actually do a sample of the work that the job involves. Which of the following is NOT an example of a valid performance test?
7. __________ refers to an ability to visualize things on paper as they appear in actual, three-dimensional space.
8. The __________ is a comprehensive paper-and-pencil test that generates two scores: the verbal score and the performance score.
9. The least reliable of the employment tests are those that attempt to measure a person's:
10. __________ addresses the questions of what a test measured and how well it measured it.
11. Occupational choice is most heavily influenced by:
12. The job search is a process that begins with:
13. One of the most noticeable effects of the downsizing epidemic of the last two decades has been a dramatic rise in the use of:
14. Continuous overtime often results in:
15. All of the following are major advantages of using temporary employees EXCEPT:
16. __________ tend to concentrate their efforts on higher-level managerial positions with salaries in excess of $50,000.
17. Most executive search firms are __________, which means that the organization pays them a fee whether or not their efforts are successful.
18. Realistic job previews (RJPs) are intended to set the job expectations of new employees at __________ levels.
19. Which of the following is NOT a potential problem of having employees work overtime?
20. Alternatives to recruiting personnel when work must be completed include all of the following EXCEPT:

Online Exam 5
1. All of the following are suggestions from Watson Wyat for improving the image and effect of performance management EXCEPT:
2. Because it is often costly, which of the following methods is generally used only for exceptionally important jobs?
3. All of the following are features of a behaviorally anchored rating scale EXCEPT:
4. The behavioral observation scale developed by Latham uses the __________ technique to identify a series of behaviors covering the domain of the job.
5. Performance evaluation systems break down because they are:
6. Raters who see everything as good are __________ raters.
7. If a supervisor lets another employee's performance influence the ratings that are given to someone else, then a __________ has occurred.
8. A supervisor should open a performance review with __________ remarks.
9. __________ is the chief reason why most individuals seek employment.
10. Which of the following is NOT a form of direct financial compensation?
11. Global wage differentials verge on the extreme. For example, computer consultants in the U.S. earn over $100 an hour; in India, computer consultants work for the same firm for __________ an hour.
12. An employee classified as a manager, technical, or professional who is paid on an hourly basis is considered:
13. According to Herzberg's two-factor theory of motivation, which of the following sets of factors influence work behavior?
14. Relative deprivation theory suggests that pay dissatisfaction is a function of all of the following EXCEPT:
15. Increasing payroll costs and global competition have caused managers in the U.S. to seek ways to increase productivity by linking compensation to employees':
16. Pay for a particular position is set relative to all of the following groups EXCEPT:
17. Pay surveys are used to collect data about compensation paid to employees by all employers in a(n):
18. All of the following are typical of the factors used for job evaluation EXCEPT:
19. What is the most negative aspect of the factor comparison method?
20. __________ can increase flexibility by allowing employees to move among a wider range of job tasks without having to adjust pay with each move.

Online Exam 7
1. Which of the following is considered an older profession?
2. Behavioral psychologists have demonstrated that people learn best with immediate:
3. __________ is required to assimilate what has been learned, to accept it, to internalize it, and to build confidence in it.
4. Most of the money in a training budget is spent on:
5. According to the book, “The Fifth Discipline,” which of the following disciplines is the one upon which are others are based?
6. When members of a team suspend their assumptions and take up a “think together” mode that embraces the collective good and eschews self-interest, it is a phenomenon called:
7. All of the following can be obstacles that result in behavioral discrepancies EXCEPT:
8. With the in-basket method, the trainee is analyzed and critiqued on all of the following EXCEPT:
9. Management games emphasize development of __________ skills.
10. Research suggests that the most popular off-the-job training methods include all of the following EXCEPT:
11. Management development should be planned because it requires all of the following EXCEPT:
12. Behavior modification is individual learning through:
13. Individuals who derive satisfaction from seeing other people move on to bigger and better jobs may be content to remain in __________ until retirement.
14. Those who fail at stage II of their career typically do so because of:
15. The intelligent career framework involves all the following “ways of knowing” EXCEPT:
16. Career development programs are most valuable when they are all of the following EXCEPT:
17. Stagnation is a serious concern at all the following career points EXCEPT:
18. Consequences of unrealistic aspirations and routine initial assignments typically include all of the following EXCEPT:
19. Managers who feel stifled in their jobs tend to cope with the problems in all of the following ways EXCEPT that:
20. A career path based on real-world experiences and individualized preferences would have all of the following characteristics EXCEPT:

Online Exam 8
1. If a deficiency does not have to do with skills, then it may need to be addressed in terms of:
2. Studies indicate that __________ is one of the leading causes of recent increases in workplace violence.
3. According to the text, ineffective performance is the result of any of the following EXCEPT:
4. Most Employee Assistance Programs share all of the following characteristics EXCEPT that:
5. A survey of security directors at Fortune 1000 companies identified __________ as the greatest threat to organizations today.
6. Human resource managers generally address employee dishonesty problems by utilizing all of the following EXCEPT:
7. There is an increased opportunity for fraud during all of the following situations EXCEPT:
8. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners found that only 12 percent of fraud-committing employees:
9. Drinking on the job is an example of a(n) __________ rule violation.
10. Smoking on the job is an example of a(n) __________ rule violation.
11. States adopting a broad public policy exception recognize violations when an individual is discharged for:
12. More than three-fifths of all job hazard cases occur in the __________ sector of the economy.
13. Disorders associated with __________ accounted for about 60 percent of all illnesses reported.
14. The third leading cause of work-related fatalities is:
15. Exposure to cotton dust can result in:
16. Exposure to microwave radiation can result in all of the following EXCEPT:
17. Accidents and illnesses that must be reported are those that:
18. The color __________ is used to color-code areas where there is a danger of fire.
19. Conflict is associated with job dissatisfaction and anxiety. It has also been linked to:
20. In 2000, __________ was the sector most affected by repetitive stress injuries and carpel tunnel syndrome.

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